February 01, 2012

Top Ten Books I Would Love To Discuss About

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is freely cloose :) So I've chosen one I've been dying to do since forever! And int topic is Top 10 Books That Would Make Great Book Club Picks, but I am in no BookClub so really. I mean I am in one at GoodReads, but I've been there one month now, and it's a little too soon to say that I have an experience :P So insted I choose Top 10 Books I Would Have Loved To Discuss About Immediately After Reading Them.

1. Clockwork Prince
*SPOILER warning!* Good God, I've been reading this book the whole night and at 11AM I was like "What?! Engaged to Jem?!" "Oh, must be the lack of sleep." No shit. Wasn't the lack of sleep!! I've been twitting about my frustration, but I so so wanted someone to complain to about it. I was so unhappy and sad and angry and ah.

2. The Hunger Games
This book was so heartbreaking and full of suspense and oh, I loved it. I was so scared for Katniss while reading. And the story has such a greater meaning and I really wanted to talk about it with someone.

3. The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer
This book was so good. As an almost psychologist I was really interested in Mara's post traumatic stress disorder and everything! I loved it! But the last 100 pages were so confusing, I wanted to talk to someone, to see if I understood right or not.

4. City of Bones
Bloody Hell, brother and sister?! WHAT?! No. No, this can't be happening. Agrrr. I really wanted someone would have reassure me, that everything's gonna be allright. Well, Anna from AnnaReads did :)

5. Last Sacrifice
The end of my favourite serie ever? Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about it! I talked to my Mum, when she finished reading it too.

6. Divergent
Oh oh. This book was so so good, I wanted to tell the whole world just how good it is! Well, I kind of did, I wrote my first review ever! :P

7. Obsidian
Well, find me one person on the planet who doesn't want to talk about DAEMON?! Impossible :P And the story is so so good and awesome and great and I could discuss this book till death!

8. Anna and the French Kiss
This book was just adorable! And my favourite Contemporary :) I've bought it to my friend for Christmas, and she read it and loved it! So hopefully we will discuss it soon, when we see each other :)

9. Bloodlines
Well, what should I say? I wanted more Rose in the book. And the whole mystery in the story and the ending. Yes, I wanted to talk about it. I did it with Mum :)

10. Eclipse
Bloody Hell, you should have seen me while I was reading this book! I was in a bar drinking coffee and reading with my phone turned off, because I didn't want anyone to interrupt me. But that whole Jacob thing got me so irritated, I wanted to slap him in the face. I went home to my Mum. We discussed about it and then she told me to go read more and that everything's gonna be allright. I did. And it did go allright :)

So, which books were you dying to discuss with someone? :)

PS. Thanks Sam, I totally forgot about spoilers :P
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