November 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn part 1

Hey! Well, I wanted to make a post last week before the premiere, but the time overtook me :/
So, it's been a week since Breaking Dawn part 1 came out! I was at the premiere :D
Me with the Ticket! :)

So. The movie is Ohh my God AMAZING! I've seen it twice now. And I think I'll go see it the third time as well :) Huge fan and all that :P

How did it all begin? 
Well there was my mum. And she totally fell for it. And she started reading. And she said "Nea you should see Twilight". Ok. I've asked a friend if he had this movie and we had watched it together. And how did I fell for it. Ahh. I was totally in. And ofcourse I wanted to read the book! And so everything started with that.

I went to make my Erasmus student year in Sicily. We had this trip organized to Rome in november. I love Rome! :) So we went. Me and Rebecca were going around Rome for 4 days. How amazing it was!! We needed to leave on Monday. On Monday morning we were walking around Rome and at Pizza della Republica I saw him. My heart stopped. Oh my God!! I couldn't belive it! There was this BIG HUGE poster of Robert Pattinson with the Volvo. And I was like "This is it! This is the sign!! They are coming to Rome!" The point was that my friend can read cards, and I've asked her if I will ever see Robert Pattinson and she said YES. So now you understand my agitation when I saw that huge poster of him. This was my chance. I stayed in Rome for another 3 days. Alone. Who gives a shit?! I had such a great time!

On November 17th I was there on Piazza Republica waiting. For hours. Ahh. And waiting and waiting. No show. But noone told us if they will come or if they won't. We didn't know. So we waited. In the end it was obvious they won't come. Too bad. BUT there was this man, I was standing in the first row, and he gave me the ticket!! OOOhh!! I was super excited! 
So I went in! :) New Moon is my favourite twilight book so far, so I was really excited to see this movie! So you can imagine my dissapointment when the movie was in Italian. Ok don't get me wrong, I speak Italian, but THIS was horrible. You can't imagine how just horrible is to listen to Kristen and Robert speak in Italian. The voices were awful. Totally. I wanted to cry because of the sound and not because of the story :/
But there was this reporter and she have took my statment or how you wonna call it :P It's still on the internet :P It's in Italian but still ;)
You can find the article here.
 The months past by and I was still reading the same books. Yeah. Obsession I know. And June came by. I was preparing myself for my last exame. And I decided I'll go to Rome after the last exame for few days. I was checking the internet and news and was when I saw it. Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are coming to Rome in June. 3 days after my exame. The day I was suppose to be in Rome. Oh my God!! I started jumping in the midle of the computer room. I couldn't belive it! I checked the hostel. Full. NO FUCKING WAY! I called my parents. A friend of ours told me before that if I wanted to go to Rome he had friends who lives there. I called. Make it happen, make it happen!! And they did! :) I went to Rome :)

It was so hot. No clouds. Just sunny. I came there at 11.30 AM. They arrived at the red carpet at 6.15 PM. I was literally melting on the sun. But it was worth it! Kristen is so so beautiful! I've always knew that, but I was still shocked at how amazingly beautiful she really is. Taylor looks.. young. lol :P It was great! And that time I've made it sure I won't see the movie in Italian! I've waited 2 weeks and I saw it in Slovenia with the subtitles ;) Way better!
Me at the Twilight fan event in Rome! I'm the one behind in the red dress.
This November I had an agreement with my sister that we will go to London for the premiere. Our plan didn't work out, so we didn't go :/ I'm still sad about it tough. But next year for the part two we will definitely go! If it is the last thing I'll do, I'll be there!! ;)
A pic from the premiere on 17.11.2011 ;)
So, that my Twilight story :) What's yours? ;)

PS. Yeah I totally know I am obsessed with Rome ;) But belive me, when you'll see it, you will understand perfectly!
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