September 13, 2011

Top Ten Sequels We're Dying To Read

Ok. I've seen this on AnnaReads blog a lot. And I decided I will give it a try. It looks like a lot of fun. 

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is: 
Top 10 Sequels we're dying to read

1. City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
Omg, the end of City of Fallen Angels was so heartbreaking and awful and tragic and totally unexpected :/ SO YES I am dying to read this book. And I will need to wait until May. OMG, I feel like crying already.

2. The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
After all, they did for stay together she sends him away?! No fucking way. That was a shock. I mean ok, I didn't want him to die, but still send him away like that was totally awful! And after saying it is better like that it's even more awful. Seriously how could she possibly think that Ash will forget her so easily? I didn't like the end of the third book. Can't wait to read the forth!!

3.  Bloodlines by Richelle Mead 
Ok, I know is already out since the 25 of August. And I was dying to read this book since last December for God's sake. Since I planned to move to England I was so glad that finally, I will be able to buy a book in the original time when it gets released. When I' ve read the Original first Chapter from the point of view of Adrian I wanted the book so badly. And now I am so broke and with this job problems, that I can't buy myself the book I've been waiting for 9 months. Awful. Ok, I have it on the computer, but still, I think the sequel of Vampire Academy deserves to be bought in paperback. Seriously. I'm not going to read this book until I buy it.

4. The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead 
Yeah well, I guess when I will read Bloodlines I will be eventually dying to read the second one of the series. After all is Richelle Mead that we are talking about.

5. The City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare 
Well, knowing Cassie and knowing there will be NO advanced copies realised before both the last two books I can guess the end of the fifth one will be also very open like. And then I will die to wait until May of 2013 to read the finish. Omg, I can't die before I finish this series. Seriously. And if there will the end of the world in December 2012 I will be seriously pissed off for haven't got the chance to read the last book!!

6. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
Well ok, after reading Clockwork Angel, well yes, I kind of want to know how the story between Tessa and Will will look like. I mean Will is seriously weird. He must have some psychological disease for acting that weird toward Tessa. But then again.. He is a GUY, and they are all kind of acting weird (no pun intended).

7. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare 
I guess after reading Clockwork Prince I will want to read the third book as well. So it should be on the list.

8. Forever by Maggie Stiefvater 
Well I have this book but I am kind of in the middle of Linger so until I finish the second one I can not go to the third one, but I am seriously interested how will it end. According to @AnnaReads the trilogy is amazing, so I guess it must be true. 

9. Fallen by Lauren Kate 
Well, I haven't started reading this series at all yet. But I am looking forward to it. This will be the next series I will start reading when I finish Wolves of Marcy Falls. I can't wait! They said it's awesome!!

10. Firelight by Sophie Jordan 
Ok, this is this other series that everyone on their blog is talking about. So I decided I will read also this series and I can't wait.

Woow I haven't tought I will complete all 10 of them. I've tought I will find like 5 or 6 and then stop and then think and think and bla bla, but I did it :) Well I could actually go further but I guess it will be for the next time. I enjoy it so much!! :) 

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