September 25, 2011


Eeeeeh Oxford :)

What a lovely city. I decided before I head home I' ll go visit Oxford. Indeed I did. And I loved it. It's really nice. It's actually more of a student city that Cambridge is, but then I guess is because it is September and the University haven't started yet. Booh. But it was so so nice. Every building is like seriously old. Everything is beautiful. The center is small and all the Universities are spread all over it. And they are huge. The main street in the center is called George Street and it's really nice. 

Then you have in my opionion one of the most beautiful streets ever - Cornmartek Street. It's amazing!! In the day there are so many people walking by there. And in the night is so so beautiful. 

Here is this library. Bodleian Libraby. OMG I would die to have a chance to study in this library. Seriously. Is awfully huge and amazing and old and Ohhh God I want to study there!!

Very close to the Bodleian Library there is the Hertford Bridge.

Then there is the Oxford Castle - which is huge. And old.

Here is the famous University of Oxford where they filmed Harry Potter.

And the outside of it. Seriously it's huge.

Christ the Church College. And in from of it there was this huge green playground for playing american football and stuff. I was stunning for how big it was.

And this is the Department of Experimental Psychology. Ok I know my profession is quite new like 130 years and so yeah the building for this study cannot be old like for law or economics... but still!! The consolation price for me not being able to study there(yet) - at least is not that stunning like the other ones. But it must be great. 

I love Oxford!!

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