August 13, 2013

Don't stop me now, I am having such a good time

Hello lovely people,
I am sorry for being away for a while. It's been a very busy and hardcore stressful period. Hopefully, it's behind me, and I will start blogging again the way I used and loved to. 

Don't remember where I got this pic. Hope that's ok.

There have been many drastic changes in my life.

I quit my job. Finally.
I mean, I loved it - I loved the costumers and I loved making coffees, but hell the people I worked with... ugh. I am a drama queen, but hell, that was too much drama even for me. It's been bad for a while, so I finally decided to take a step forward and just leave.

I got a new job. 
A very good one for the matter. It's kind of hard and stressful, but the payment is very good and I have lots and lots of hours, so my financial plan of saving is finally on.

I fucking passed my IELTS exam! With 7.5 :D
That was insane. The day of the exam, I mean. It was bad. I had a panic attack and I actually couldn't breathe. It was awful. And I was crying so badly and I just couldn't stop. In that moment I just wanted to quit everything, go home and just.. I don't know. I hate exams. I do. The anxiety that comes with them is just too much sometimes. And this time I think it was the worst ever. I thrown up as well. A couple of times. Like I said, I was bad. And the results? Oh. It took me 40 minutes to actually click the button for results. I was so scared. But when I finally managed and saw them.. I burst into tears. Big fat sobs. I did it. I fucking did it. Therefore...

I am going to University in one month.
My goal of the past year and a half. I am actually going. Because honestly in the past few months I started doubting it. Money and English and shit. No more doubting. Thanks to my new job and my IELTS exam, I can go. And hell, I am so going. 

I became an aunt. 
My sister had the baby. It's a boy. Luka. Funny though, I spent 9 months thinking it was a girl and I actually bought everything pink. But he is very beautiful :) And my sister is so happy. So, I am happy too :)

And there is this guy..
Ha. Well, there was this guy that used to come to the coffee house, where I worked, every Tuesday around 5pm and ordering a double espresso. Drop dead gorgeous. I was always blushing and well, it was pretty much embarrassing. I don't know if he noticed, but well. And then I quit the job and I was like "uh, ok whatever". I was walking today to my previous job to get my last payment slip and I saw this gorgeous guy sitting in a restaurant near the coffee house. And I stared. Like stared stared. And then I recognized him!! It was him. The amber eyes guy. And I said "well, there are two options now. You can leave and probably never see him again. OR you can say fuck to your mother for saying that you are asocial and go and get what you want". And I did. I went there, I sat next to him and said "hi :)". You should have seen his puzzled expression!! And then I added (when I put the sunglasses away) "I quit the job at the coffee house". And then I could totally see the recognition in his eyes. We started chatting. And well, it was nice. And in the end he asked me to swoop numbers so we could go together to see a show during the Edinburgh festival. Oh my god. Amazing. Ofcourse I said YES. Ok, I am being such a girl, but I really like him. I mean, come on, he wouldn't have asked for my number just for the sake of being polite, right? We shall see :)

I am honestly tired of the drama with guys. And non-defined-relations shit. I want something real. Something worth fighting for. Something worth the risk. Something to look forward to, and not being scared of. 

Life is finally good again :)

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