July 23, 2012

Me and my new best friend Lily

Hello there!!

Sorry guys for being so absent but I am having two jobs and it's a mess. Thank God I have time for reading, but blogging is another thing. So sorry, I will catch with you soon, promise ;) 

Two jobs? Well, I am trying to gain all the money I need to pay my University fee in Edinburgh. I need to repeat my English exam and I am still pissed off about this, really. Fucking 6.5 when I needed 7. Agrrr. Well, 4th of August should be a cool date or something. I will figure it out!

If not, I have a plan B. Canada. Or the UK. Or Australia. lol so much for one plan :P Whatever, I need to be and speak in an English speaking country, so really I can go to any place I want. And then I will pass the English exam like nothing. HA.

But let's stick to the point. 
I am happy to introduce you to my new best friend Lily <3

Say hi to my new Kindle Keyboard 3 :) 

And, I named her Lily, in honor to the first ARC I've ever received, Timepiece by Myra McEntire.

And I am so unbelievably happy about it!! It's so much easier to read and it's super awesome because I can take it with me practically anywhere :) And I love it!

Have an awesome Sunday and see you soon! ;)

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