February 13, 2013

Top Ten Romances in Books

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic freeby. So I picked up this:  Top 10 Romances in Books right now

1. Bliss and Garrick - Losing it
Awww, the romance in this book is so sweet and adorable!! And Garrick has a British accent!! And Bliss is such a sweet and sometimes awkward that you just need to love her! <3

2. Eva and Gideon - Bared to you
OMG - these two. Best. Romance. Book. Ever.

3. Tris and Four - Divergent 
In Insurgent the romance between them wasn't really the main part of the story, but God, I loved every minute of it!

4. Camryn and Andrew - The Edge of Never
Awww. This. Book. OMG. And the romance is slow and sweet and completely amazing!

5. Harper and Jake - Saving June 
Music, music and sweet romance. Hell, yeah.

6. Katy and Daemon - Obsidian
Well. The romance and the sarcasm are just incredible.

7. Anna and Etienne - Anna and the French Kiss
Enough said.

8. Rose and Dimitri - Vampire Academy 
Because these two will be one of my favourites for, probably, till the end of time.

9. Sophie and Archer - Hex Hall
These two are just perfect. 

10. Clary and Jace - City of Bones
Well, let's face it - there can't really be a romance list without Jace's name stamped on it. It would be just wrong
Awww waw, I love romance!! Sometimes in real life I start dreaming too much - and I say to myself "I read too much romance books" and then I think better of it and say "But hell, I wouldn't change it for the world!"

Enjoy Valentine's Day ;)

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